Monday, November 1, 2010


I can't believe how long it's been since I last published a blog post. I apologize for abandoning my blog and I really, really, will try to be a little more consistent in the future.

Just to bring you up to date, I've haven't been real productive in the broken china treasures business lately. I just haven't had the motivation to really get in gear.....but....I think I may have my mojo back! I've signed up for our local Downtown Market's "Just One More" show that will be held December 11 at the heart of our downtown area. I've decided to make some small victorian inspired stained glass panels, some new and "tried and true" suncatcher designs and then I'll focus on some new jewelry ideas.

During the past year I've been keeping a little "idea book" with me at all times. I thought I would have filled it up by now, but the ideas just aren't coming to me like I thought they would. If you're the creative type and always forget your ideas, I highly recommend using an "idea book". Mine's just a small wire bound notebook that fits in my purse and when I come across something that appeals to me I note it in my little book. It might be a picture from the internet, a necklace I saw someone wear or a dream design I had the previous night. It's a little hodgepodge of ideas that provide some needed inspiration when I get the itch to create!

I'll post pictures shortly of the stained glass and broken china treasures I plan to take to the December show with me. Keep checking back ~ I promise I'll be posting on a more regular basis.

P.S. I made a glass mosaic table this past summer and plan to do a blog post about it. Please come back and visit!!

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