Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy New Year and Happy New Beginnings!!!

Well, I've decided to get back into blogging. Maybe it's the New Year and the start of a new half century (for me) ~ I really don't like those birthdays that end in "0"....but I have resolved to be more diligent in my blogging efforts. goes!

November and December were extremely busy months for me. A last minute special order for angels for Christmas gifts put me somewhat behind, but I was able to finish everything that needed to be done and all is well.

I was contacted by a very sweet lady who had her Grandmother's collectible plates (which were beautiful, by the way). These plates were blue with white winter and Christmas scenes depicted on them. She wanted to present her family members with angels made from the plates. As I normally do with a special order, I asked her to outline with tape or paper the areas that she wanted for the angel dresses. After receiving the plates, what she had outlined was larger than I normally make for my angel dresses. This only presented a problem because the nuggets I use for the heads usually come in one general size. After I scrounged around in my supplies, I found slightly larger nuggets and made the dresses the approximate size the customer requested. I was glad because smaller dresses would not have done the china justice.

So, here is just a sampling of the 10 finished angels. The customer was quite pleased with the outcome and told me that when her husband saw them he was quite impressed. (When a man is impressed with a project like this, what better compliment could I get)?

I also had some personal projects to complete: For my step daughter, who lives in NYC, I designed and created a stained glass panel of the New York City Skyline including the Twin Towers. I haven't done many design/create projects, so I think this turned out ok. Of course, I would make some changes if I were to make it again. (I'm always tweaking and not quite pleased with the finished product).

A fish sculpture: In my family, among my brothers, their wives and the adult "kids", we draw names for Christmas. I drew my sister-in-law, Deb, and she knew exactly what I would give her. During the summer, she had traveled down south and visited a street fair. She saw a "fish sculpture" that she fell in love with. I couldn't quite duplicate it, but this is my interpretation. Yes, that's real driftwood. My mother and I went to the St. Marks Lighthouse on a balmy and dreary day (actually the Saturday before Christmas) to search for driftwood and we picked up some great treasures. I plan to make some other items with the leftover driftwood.

I had been to the St. Marks Lighthouse only once in the 30 odd years I've lived in Tallahassee. It's only about a 45 minute drive. I don't know why we sometimes travel hundreds of miles to see beautiful sites across this country when most of it is right here in our own backyards. (Oops, that sounded a little like Dorothy, didn't it?) Anyway, while we were at St. Marks, there was a flock of birds sitting on some old pilings and I thought they were quite photogenic. No, I didn't take any pics of the lighthouse - that will be another day ~ preferably a sunny one!!

I made one other very special project for my new granddaughter, Alyx. Another one of my own designs. Unfortunately, I didn't snap a picture of it before it made it's way home to Ohio. But, to give you an idea of what it looked like, here's one I made for a good friend for her son. Of course, the one for Alyx was not blue, but a gorgeous dark fuschia. As soon as the new parents have time, I'll have them send a pic of it in her room and add it to the blog.

So, as you can see, I was very, very busy during December! I think all these projects allow me to excuse myself from blogging for a month!!

OK. From the looks of this post, it must appear I have plenty of time to write. Not so. A very nice Etsian had a whole cabinet fall off her wall and, unfortunately, the cabinet contained her special hand made pottery from Poland that she received for her wedding.

Stay tuned for the results from this atrocious accident.......


Fused Glass said...

I like how it turned out....very nice city panel!

livingglassgirl said...

Your skyline turned out wonderful, you should be proud. So glad you posted a pic.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said... have been a busy lady. And I love to read your blog too. I think it is fabulous that you can make some new memory out of a family treasure or a broken treasure. Never would have occured to me to save a favorite piece of broken china and send it to you to lovingly turn it into a new treasure. I will remember that for sure. My son live in NYC and last Christmas my DH painted a long narrow painting of the same landscape you made. He was thrilled with it. We took the photo that he used when we visited my son last time. Happy Belated New Year. Hugs, Lynn

kim* said...

great items thanks for sharing