Friday, August 22, 2008

The Owl

It seems we are having a bumper crop of frogs this year and apparently it is great fodder for the owls. For a few nights I noticed two owls hanging around and they appeared to be agitated with each other. I assume they are a little territorial and wanted to establish their own "hunting grounds". One won out and has been doing some great hunting and eating for the past week. I was sitting on the back porch on the phone with my son one evening and The Owl did a very, very close fly by. I'm not sure he realized I was sitting there, but it flew so close in front of me that I was startled. It could not have been more than 8-10 feet from me!

So, I decided that I needed to get this great predator on film. I took quite a few shots and was very surprised that he/she allowed me to get as close as I did. Here's his/hers great pose for me:

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smilnsigh said...

Great photo!

And does the owl look green-ish?

Miss Mari-Nanci